We love futsal

Futsal Namibia came to inception in 2020 when we identified the need for a well organised institution to provide a home for talented players to be exposed to the beautiful sport.

Our mission is to grow the sport in Namibia by organizing tournaments, leagues and events and establishing the first Futsal Academy in Namibia.

The initiative includes various divisions aimed to develop the sport in the country for men and women. Our first league had about 80 players and 2 years later we have reached close to 500 players competing in the 2020 league.

We follow strict FIFA Futsal Rules and Regulations and we maintain the reputation of running a clean game where racism, violence and foul language of any sort is not permitted.

We are strict

Futsal is the international name for 5 a side football. The game is played with 4 players plus a goalie on a hard court with 3x2m goals.

The regulation ball used is smaller than the usual size 5 football and is low bounce. 

General Rules:
• No offsides.
• High balls are discouraged and will be penalised on the referees discretion
• Players must wear non marking flat soled tennis shoes or indoor soccer flats. No cleats.
Players will not be permitted to play if they show up with marking shoes
• Players will not be allowed to wear any jewelry.
• Teams must have numbered kits with matching shorts and shirts. Teams that show up
without a kit will not be allowed to play thus forfeiting the game
• Players are not allowed to wear long pants, except for the goalkeeper.
• 12 players allowed in each team

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